Personal Statement


Over the past 40 years of my life I have experienced a wide variety of situations that have broadened knowledge and understanding of the world and the people that inhabit it.  Through my experiences in the Armed Forces and the Oil & Gas Industry my understanding of being a team player is paramount, while also retaining a level of individuality when dealing with any situations that may occur.


As I have grown older, I have come to the conclusion that the need to help the community is greater than the need for individual gain.  In the society that we live in today, that seems to be more tailored to personal benefit and status, it is becoming harder to find a path that serves the community while also allowing oneself to developed their abilities and reach their full potential.


Having witnessed, and assisted with several incidents while serving in the Army as a Team Medic for more than a decade, as a member of the Offshore Emergency Response Team and also assisting in several accidents of various types I feel that it is time to do my bit for the community as a whole and repay a debt that I feel I owe to society.


Shane Fenton

My aspirations for the future include developing myself as an individual, while setting a good example to my children that they can carry through life.  Since leaving HM Forces, I have worked in the Oil & Gas sector in various locations throughout the world.  While the financial rewards have always been excellent, I have yet to feel the same satisfaction with myself that I experienced while working as part of a team in assisting others.


In August 2019 I have undertook the (SWAP) Access to Arts & Social Sciences course at North East Scotland College, Aberdeen which I believe has set me in good stead for a change of career.  I have also been active in working with children, including some who would are classed as vulnerable which I have found to be rewarding in itself.  Due to having lost 5 children, some of whom were involved in the Baby Ashes Scandal, I have a somewhat unique view with regards to children and their health and wellbeing.


Currently I am studying a Master’s Degree (hon) in Teaching at the University of Aberdeen.  Obviously with the current COVID-19 situation this is something entirely new, with most classes being carried out online.  However, I am sure that. This, while challenging will simply be a stepping stone in my own personal development.  

I feel I can bring a wealth of life experience and a cool head to a job that involves, at times, tremendous stress while integrating well into a unit that is required to be flexible and dynamic in a constantly changing environment.