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Outwith my passion for technology I do have a few other hobbies.  My main one being my son, who it would seem is just like me.  At 18 months old he received his first tablet (Nexus 7) due to him continually trying to get my iPad and low and behold at 2 years old he knew how to turn on, put in his own password and play his own games etc.  So, just like my father before me, I have decided to nurture his enthusiasm for tech.  He already, at 3 has an automated bedroom with access to his own personalised media via a smart TV and Minix Neo x8-H plus.


At 29 hours old he became the youngest ever seaon ticket holder for a Scottish Football team, but don't worry it's not one of the old firm teams but the 'Dons' from Aberdeen.


As you can guess Aberdeen FC are the team I follow and have managed to pass this on.  From the age of 16 weeks he has been regularly going to the matches at Pittodrie and is a member of the 'Angus the Bull' club.  


Luckily my 'other half' is also a football fan, having been coaxed into coming with me since 2007... and what's better I converted her from being a Glasgow Celtic fan, although I imagine that was just to annoy her father who supported the now defunct Glasgow Rangers FC!!


I spend a lot of time travelling with my family when I'm not at work and share a passion for concerts and Disneyworld Florida with my partner.  Neither of us seem to know how to relax and it would appear that the only thing that keeps us calm is the speeding down a rollercoaster.  Fortunately now though we have a son and daughter that will help us take things a bit easier and want to spend time on the more relaxing 'tea cup' rides.


While in Florida in 2011 I managed to cradle another passion of mine.  I am a self confessed, huge fan of AC\DC.  I had this thought that it would be a good idea to turn up at Brian Johnson's house.  So, without any warning, I hired a car and took the missus for a ride down to Sarasota and the rest shall we say is history!!


We have both followed AC\DC for many years and I have surmassed a massive collection of photographs of the band, which I am very proud of; especially when I have several friends who are professional photographers.  I have to hand it to them, without their input I would not be able to take such good photographs from a compact camera.


As an added bonus, on 23rd December 2015, I decided to take a drive while on vacation in Florida with my partner of 10 years, Kim and son Riddick.  Neither of them knew exactly what I was up to, but at roughly 11:30 local time I knocked on the door of a very 'lush' looking property and hoped that the owner may be in.


Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.  The owner of the house opened his door and said hello and asked what I was doing.  I explained that I was in the area on holiday and was there only to deliver a christmas card to him.  

He asked what I was doing in Sarasota, I had explained that I was in Florida on vacation with the family at Disneyworld, which was over 3 hours away.  The owner seemed surprised that I had driven 3 hours just to deliver a christmas card to someone who I had never met before, he immediately insisted that we do something special since we took the time to visit him.

At this point I shouted Kim over, who realised just exactly who's door I had knocked on.  It was non other than the lead singer of AC\DC, Brian Johnson.  He welcomed us with open arms as if it was him who was meeting his hero's.


A quick tour of his garages to see the splendour of his car collection came next before what could only be explained as one of the best events of my life.  He took out 'Thunderguts' from the garage, told Kim and myself to get in the back, put Riddick in the front and took us for a tour of Sarasota itself, all the while letting Riddick blast the airhorn of the 1928 Bentley Vanden Plas.  People were staring at us, with their mobile phones out filming Brian show us around the area.  How many people can say they have had an experience like that?!


I also managed to create a rather nice Panoramic photograph of Aberdeen Harbour, which to my surprise, was turned into wallpaper for Kongsberg Maritime's building when it was built in 2012.  Although they never asked for my permission to do this I am very proud of it... none of my professional friends have a had a picture turned into a 60 foot centre piece before.  Don't worry though, when I leave Kongsberg, they will be paying royalties for the use of the artwork!!


In support of my feast for technology and photography, I thought it would make sense to purchase a drone in effort to maximise my interests in both technology and photography.  For this reason I regularly fly the drone around Scotland and create some rather nice photo's and video's... even if I do say so myself (just remember I am not a professional photographer).

Since then we have welcomed our second child into the world.  Our daughter Khaleesi who was born in 2016.  Like her brother she also managed to get into the record books, straight away by breaking Riddicks' record of being the youngest ever season ticket holder.  Khaleesi was born on matchday and got her first season ticket at only 4 hours old.  Unfortunately, the maternity unit would not allow me to take her to the game on her birthday!

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